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Growing product variety and a rapid turnover of assortments lead to an increasing demand for quality and improved picking with concurrent reduction of expenses. To support businesses meet these challenges LUCA has developed aninnovative system for picking, sorting and packing:



    The picking process:

  • A moving light source marks the storage location.
  • The number of items and article characteristics are provided via headphones or central displays.
  • Withdrawl can be confirmed and corrected through different methods:
    - Pick-Radar®
    - Pick-Remote-Key (wireless keys)
    - Pick-by-Voice

The special features of the new innovative Pick-by-Point®-system close the gap between the Pick-by-Light- and Pick-by-Voice-systems. Vast flexibility and low installation costs are some of the most important system qualities.

Easy installation and adjustment of the storage locations.
Quick configuration of the light's position and colour.



When a job is activated, the withdrawal box is marked by the light. The withdrawal quantity and article characteristics are provided via wireless headphones.

Correct execution and confirmation is controlled through a freely configurable
Pick-Radar®, including quantity corrections and continuous zero crossing.  



After activating a job, the target (here an issuing area) is illuminated with a light source. The Pick-Radar® monitors and confirms the correct goods issue.



The simple choice for confirmation



System specifications
Light source 180 watts
Service life approx. 20,000 hrs
Operating angle horizontal 540°, vertical 250°
Parallax correction no
Number of colours 7
Number of filters 7
Cooling fan yes
Focus yes
Maintenance low maintenance



  • Flexibility through versatile areas of use and configuration
  • Increased performance through paperless picking
  • Low downtimes due to maintenance-free technology
  • Low capital costs and simple installation
  • Fast return on investment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy system handling

Cost Effectiveness

w100_1Precise planning of internal processes allows a cost-optimized development of our systems. Project evaluation proves the cost effectiveness of our calculations.

System concepts

w100_2Years of experience and developments of our software have established a clear and very firm concept for the construction of customized logistics systems.


w100_3Our cooperation with lots of medium-sized companies in the branch of industry adds numerous important and professional components to our product range.
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