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The area immediately in front of the shelf or pallet row is monitored via camera. Our image processing software allows access control of the shelves and pallets behind the area. The system works according to the Poke-Yoke principle and can be applied for picking, sorting and packing..Each individual access is monitored by the system.ThePick-Radar® supports the correct execution of the tasks and can be combined with various picking methods (Pick-by-Point®, Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Voice, etc.). Private data of the operators or their photographs are not recorded.


For illustration the monitored areas are marked in different colours.

Immediately after activating a box the corresponding control display is loaded (see XT-000 8 in the picture). The employee is only allowed to access the box behind the green area. When accessing the red area an alarm (error message) is activated. Size and position of the areas can be configurated as required.

    Safe access through monitored areas:
  • access area → green
  • forbidden area → red
  • confirmation area → blue

The blue "confirmation area" is also used for quantity adjustment (like + / - button with Pick-by-Light). Additionally various feature areas (touchscreen handling) can be configurated (e.g. login / log off, spare box request, order cancellation etc.).

According to the configuration the blue "confirmation area" for withdrawal confirmation is only activated after the first correct access of the green  "access area".

    Confirmation mode

  • confirmation by first access
  • confirmation by count
  • confirmation by change




The precise recording of all activities during picking or sorting enables comprehensive statistics functions. Using the Pick-Radar® allows physical ABC and path analysis. Calculating a picking process in advance can be used to optimise your warehouse.


Access frequency to the storage location is illustrated in different grey scales and in tabular form.

  • Flexibility through versatile options of use and configuration
  • Increased quality thanks to access control
  • Reduction in complaints through automatic fault detection
  • Low downtimes due to maintenance-free technology
  • Low investment costs and simple installation
  • Fast return on investment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy system handling

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Cost Effectiveness

w100_1Precise planning of internal processes allows a cost-optimized development of our systems. Project evaluation proves the cost effectiveness of our calculations.

System concepts

w100_2Years of experience and developments of our software have established a clear and very firm concept for the construction of customized logistics systems.


w100_3Our cooperation with lots of medium-sized companies in the branch of industry adds numerous important and professional components to our product range.
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