Single-stage order picking

In this article we explain the meaning and define single-stage picking in logistics or production.

What is single-stage picking?

Single-stage picking is a picking process in intralogistics in which an order is picked directly in the warehouse or in production. The picker (employee) goes to a storage location (in the storage zone) and picks the goods directly into a container, carton or box. The picking process is thus completed in single-stage picking.

Single-stage order picking and conveyor technology

In logistics, partial orders are often picked in separate storage zones to improve picking performance. In the method, the process is also often supported with conveyor technology to optimise picking times (travel time). The picking of the items in the appropriate quantity takes place immediately and without intermediate steps. The picker works directly order-oriented at the storage location. The correct ABC analysis helps to optimise handling costs.

Various picking methods, such as Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, Pick-by-Point®, Pick-by-Cart, Pick-by-Frame®, etc., are used to support single-step picking. 

Advantages of single-stage order picking

The advantages of single-stage order picking summarised:

  • Simple one-step process without special picking systems (paper slip or MDE is sufficient)
  • Simple division into storage zones
  • Individual customer orders and goods can be picked directly and quickly
  • Optimum gripping time for express picking orders (direct single-stage)
  • Direct picking methods can be used (see below)

Disadvantages of single-stage picking

The disadvantages of single-stage picking summarised:

  • Non-optimal composition of customer orders
  • Long distances possible
  • No series-oriented processing

The most common single-stage picking methods

The following picking modes (systems) support single-step picking:

Pick-to-Light - picking with specialist displays
Voice Picking - the voice-guided picking method
Pick-by-Point - the simple picking method with light
Pick-by-Frame - the innovation for Multi-Order-Picking
Pick-by-Cart - order picking trolley with Pick-to-Light

Comparable picking processes

For comparison, read about the other picking methods:

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Parallelorder picking

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