Properties of the Pick-to-Light system


Our Pick-to-Light system consists of two different display families with different heights. The 50 mm high displays are used as standard. The height of the second variant is 25 mm (for small storage compartments). The two variants can be operated together.

Various Pick-to-Light features can be used as required. Each display is equipped with an LED. The LED can light up or flash in 7 different colours. A variety of displays (numeric, alphanumeric, text, etc.) are available to us for setting up the picking systems. The robust keys are used for picking confirmation and other functions. Shortage corrections, inventories and also customer-specific special functions are mapped via the LUCA-Server . The system can operate stationary or mobile with a rechargeable battery. Constant communication with the controllers always guarantees the current status of the equipment. If a display is unavailable or reports problems, an error message is generated immediately.


The standard Pick-to-Light features can be extended with various options. The additional features extend the functionalities if required. Optional features allow the shelves to be assembled without drilling.

LED touch sensor

Replaces the acknowledgement button directly. Acknowledgement of the removal takes place via a "wipe" on the LED. This allows the minimum width of the compartments to be significantly reduced if required.

Access sensor

The registration of the withdrawal can be automated via the sensor (Up or Down). The employees no longer have to confirm the removal manually at the button. This option is very helpful for single picks for high-performance picking (e.g. Automotive) and for automatic access monitoring.

Additional interfaces

Optional interfaces can be used to connect additional RS232 devices (scanners, scales, RFID readers, etc) or light barriers (digital I/O and eKANBAN) to some displays.

Magnet holder

The optional magnetic brackets allow the bottom profiles to be mounted without drilling into the shelves. This mounting method is very suitable for heavy-duty beams where no drilling is allowed.


The assembly of the Pick-to-Light system is very well designed. An aluminium bottom profile is screwed or riveted to shelves. Magnetic holders can also be used as an option. Depending on the type, 100 - 150 displays can be connected to one controller.

The first Pick-to-Light sub-profile is connected to a controller with a 4-wire cable (power supply and data bus). Further sub-profiles can be connected to each other with the same cable. Wiring within the Pick-to-Light sub-profile is not necessary. A contact profile is integrated directly into the sub-profile, to which the Pick-to-Light displays are connected directly via spring contacts (without cables) (Quick-Click). The Pick-to-Light properties allow various cabling options to be realised.

The bottom profiles can be covered with an aluminium lid for fixed storage compartments. For flexible storage compartments, the system is operated without a lid. A change of the storage compartment position is very easy to realise due to the Quick-Click system and can be carried out almost during operation.

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