Pick-to-Light Module: PTF-SL-3

PTF-SL-3 small Pick-to-Light display without display.


57 mm x 25 mm

The PTF-S series has been speciallydeveloped for use in highly in the Pick-to-Light system, the PTF-S series was developed. It is itself particularly suitable for picking small parts. The display does not have a display but is equipped with a mechanical acknowledgement button and a 2 x 7-colour DUAL LED.

In the standard version of the SL-3, the removal is acknowledged by means of an acknowledgement button. This compartment display can be used, for example, at an assembly workstation where no quantity display is required.

More information in the main article: Pick-to-Light

The most important terms in logistics

Notification, receipt of goods

Optionally, an additional central display can show further process details. The compartment displays at the workstation can be switched on either sequentially or simultaneously. The SL-3 without sensor can also be used as a target display for sorting processes (put-to-light), whereby the delivery into the compartment is optionally acknowledged or monitored by scanner, acknowledgement button or Pick-Radar .

Why different names?


The method Pick-to-Light involves classic order picking with the help of compartment displays. The Pick-to-Light display shows the picking quantity directly at the storage compartment. The Pick-to-Light system usually receives the confirmation of the removal by pressing a button on the module.


The term is often used incorrectly and thus often confused with Pick-to-Light . The pick-to-light method is a Multi-Order-Picking method that focuses on distributing articles that have just been picked to different orders. The method is classically used with a picking trolley (Pick-by-Cart).


The Put-to-Light method clearly defines a distribution of goods to the target compartments. A classic example is the replenishment in a flow rack.

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