Pick by RFID

Pick by RFID opens new horizons. More and more mass products and packaging are equipped with RFID tags (EPC). Modern order picking supports this technology. Our RFID solutions capture the individual products in cartons, totes, pallets and containers and are fully LUCA-Serverintegrated with it.

In this and other articles we would like to introduce you not only to our LUCA systems and their use, but also to give you a detailed insight into the various possible combinations. We will also explain to you which picking systems fit together and how best to use them.

What's the matterPick by RFID?

First we will answer the question before we get to the details. Pick by RFIDis one of many picking systems that use RFID tags directly. You have to imagine that at some point there will be all items equipped with an RFID tag. There have been many investigations into this for years. Currently, it is not the articles that are equipped with RFID tags, but rather containers in a closed circuit.

The electronics of the RFID tag contains a writable memory in which information can be stored. Depending on the type, the RFID tags have a fixed ID or a rewritable memory space. Not only the unique RFID itself, but also other information can be stored in the RFID tag and used in the Pick by RFIDmethod. In principle, we have writable and non-writable RFID tags at our disposal.

Pick by RFID Construction and use

Depending on their use, Pick by RFIDthe RFID tags are used directly in the products as labels, signs, seals and tags. Some label printers have RFID writers integrated into the print head to store the printed information directly in the RFID tag. The RFID tags must always be used in an electromagnetic permeable and NOT shielded environment.

RFID gates

RFID gates with several antennas are set up between the picking sections in Pick by RFIDor at goods receipt and goods issue. The gates enable simultaneous capture of all RFID tags in a container, on a pallet or in a container. It LUCA-Servercontrols the processes and the status displays and forwards the corresponding information to the higher-level systems.

Mobile Pick by RFIDSystems

Pick by RFID with mobile RFID readers can be used for picking, inventories and controls. Depending on functions and ranges, various handheld terminals and mobile devices are available to us. The entire co-ordination in the individual process steps is taken LUCA-Serverover by the

RFID systems for access controls

The RFID tags are also successfully used for access controls, product and transport security. The active RFID seals, equipped with rechargeable batteries, GPS and GPRS, are used for perfect transport security and tracking. In the event of destruction, the RFID seals report the event, time and GPS position to the monitoring centre via GPRS.

Pick by RFID as picking method

During picking, the data from the RFID tag is used directly. Only in rare cases are only article numbers stored there. More often than not, however, the RFID tag contains several pieces of information that enable convenient processing.

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Pick by RFID offers many advantages of modern data processing that many other order picking systems do not have. The data is recorded directly on the article or container. The RFID tags can not only be read, but also written to. The traceability of the individual processing steps can even be recorded directly in the RFID tags. Pick by RFID belongs to the modern and future-oriented picking methods.

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