Pick by Watch

The modern smart devices can easily be operated with the LUCA-Server can be integrated. The range for the hardware is very large and ranges from inexpensive consumer products to robust and professional designs. The devices serve only as displays with input options. The entire process logic and the order data are stored in the LUCA-Server and put it down.

Smart Watch or hand scanner?

The smart devices actually replace the old Heldhands terminals. The user-friendly interface, which can be freely designed, opens up new perspectives in the process design of order picking systems. If required, the Smart devices can be attached to special holders depending on the type of application.

Is a Smart Watch enough?

In an Android watch, the display and battery life is relatively small. The question is what kind of information the employee really needs in his process. If that is only the storage location and the number of pieces, then it is no problem to work with a Smart-Watch. The scanner is then usually connected directly to the LUCA-Server. In this case, it serves Pick by Watchonly as a simple display with touch function.