Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice

Pick by Voice is a special type of picking system. The order picker communicates directly with the controller via voice, whereby the commands are optimized to the necessary minimum. The employee is to Pick by Voice and are not overloaded. He then hears the work instructions via a headset. The high quality microphone allows its speech input. The language analysis and ... read more

Pick by Light : the ultimate guide

Pick by Light

Pick by Light is a very fast and error-free method for picking in a warehouse. A display is mounted on each storage compartment for this purpose. After the order has been activated, the displays light up accordingly. This enables the employee to find his storage compartments very quickly and confirm the activity directly. But why is Pick by Light so special? What ... read more

picking systems

Order picking systems: Hololens in action

Picking systems are the most important components of a warehouse and a production. Every warehouse and every production line is very specific and poses different challenges for picking. Precisely for this reason, it is not possible to create a universal order picking system for all applications. The more important it is to first prepare a solid and thorough needs analysis. The resulting ... read more