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The research and development of LUCA systems are supported by experienced and very cooperative partners from academia. LUCA's new R&D Centre at the Technical University in Opole (Poland) brings clear benefits to both sides.

Academic science meets the LUCA systems

LUCA's new R&D Centre in Opole (Poland).


LUCA in the service of science

Only close cooperation between science and practice drives targeted progress in further development. Together in the premises of the Technical University in Opole (Poland), LUCA has opened a centre for innovative logistics research. An advantage for both partners. Not only the scientists at the university, but also the students benefit directly from the LUCA picking systems in the practice-oriented lessons. On the other hand, the LUCA developers have the direct feedback when introducing new ideas. Exciting discussions often spark off in the joint workshops.

The LUCA lectures

The "other lectures" on picking techniques and material flow for the dedicated students, are led by LUCA staff. From the beginning, we support the young logisticians in their development. Some publications and textbooks about the LUCA systems support our efforts.

Network of universities and the economy

The Technical University in Opole also maintains a very well-developed network with the business community. Interesting projects often arise from these contacts, which are even supported by EU funding. Some LUCA employees are also involved in the constant expansion of the networks.

LUCA is interested in further cooperation with comparable institutions and universities. We are happy to accept such enquiries. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Just visit us

If you are interested in experiencing theLUCA systems live in Opole, you are very welcome . The direct connection to the A2 motorway and the proximity to the airport in Wroclaw and Katowicemake it easy to get there. Make an appointment with us.

Conferences & Symposia

In cooperation with the Technical University and some partners from the logistics industry, we organise regular conferences and symposia.

Conference 2018