We supply professional picking systems
Pick by Light, Pick by Voice, Pick by Point®, etc.

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The professional

support the following technologies:


"A good solution needs a good concept and not just a technique"



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® – The marked systems are developed by LUCA and the trademarks are protected by copyright.

Easy integration with other systems


Ready for all standard components


Choose our technology for your optimal solution

Our clients

Modern and innovative logistics present us with very different tasks. These can often only be solved with different techniques. We develop, in a strong international team, modern and practice-oriented picking systems and material flow controls.

Why LUCA systems ... ?


  • picking systems
  • single picking
  • Multi-Order-Picking
  • multi-step picking
  • Packing / Sorting
  • Material flow controls

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  • Poka Yoke
  • kit sequencing
  • multi-sequence picking
  • pre-assembling
  • assembly documentation

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  • Material flow systems
  • replenishment control
  • Material Assignment
  • Set Building
  • assembly assistance

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Professional systems for special customer requirements

hybrid concept

Many LUCA systems use several technologies at the same time. In order to guarantee optimal operation, the planning should take all these techniques into account. And precisely for this reason, the hybrid concept is ideally suited for the production of customer-specific systems.

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LUCA Server

All technologies and hardware components are coordinated by the professional software of the LUCA server. The integration of new technologies and interfaces is also very well feasible. On the other hand, processes and procedures are created specifically according to customer requirements.

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High performance

The material flow controls and picking systems require high technical performance. The right choice of the right technology is crucial for productivity and performance. Response times and ergonomics are also important for employee acceptance.

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