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Founder & CEO of LUCA Logistic Solutions
Sławomir Skarbecki

Top expert and consultant in the field of Pick-to-Light, order picking systems and classic material flow control systems. Since 1990 until today an innovative software developer and inventor of various systems.

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LUCA systems

We supply customized solutions for professional
order picking, assembly stations and material flow
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We will be happy to help you find the right solution from our TV studio.

Phone: +49 5201 8142-0

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scalable, flexible, fast
Hybrid concept

Several technologies are often used simultaneously in LUCA systems. This guarantees optimum operation and low costs.

LUCA® software

The professional LUCA software centrally controls all technologies, interfaces and hardware components of the systems.

High performance

Material flow and picking systems often require high technical performance. The selection of the right technology is crucial for this.

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