Pick Radar ®

pick radar

Pick Radar uses a rotating laser (Class 1) to control access to the storage compartments. The system ensures the quality of picking or sorting and helps to automatically acknowledge picking. In the event of an access error, the LUCA-Server an alarm is triggered and logged.

The Pick-Radar principle

Actually, Pick-Radar alone is not a picking system. It's about access control. A laser head from the Pick Radar (no radar shaft) rotates 50 times per second and measures the distance and angle to the objects. The measured data is directly transmitted to the LUCA-Server or LUCA Device Gateway is sent. The work area is defined by a configuration during commissioning. Individual function areas are configured on the work space. In the process on the LUCA-Server(picking or sorting), the corresponding functional areas are activated. If one of the active functional areas is accessed, the process is notified and a reaction is triggered.

The following functional areas are defined and freely configured (colours from the graphic):

  • Access (GREEN)
  • Forbidden (RED)
  • Acknowledgement (BLUE)
  • Work surface (the frame)

The maximum size of the working area is about 20 meters.

Use of access control

The Pick-Radar® is mostly used as a monitoring system for access control to the storage compartments in combination with other picking systems, such as Pick-by-Point®, Pick-to-Light or Voice Picking used. With automotive (always 1 piece) the automatic acknowledgement of the removal is triggered directly with the access. In case of wrong access to the storage compartments an alarm or light signal is generated. No employee data is recorded or logged.