LUCA Pick-by-Tablet

With the modern Pick-by-Tablet method, the robust and mobile tablets are used. Both the connection to the local WiFi network and the use of additional Bluetooth devices is possible without any problems. Scanners, RFID readers and small printers can be integrated. The tablets are usually mounted on order picking trolleys or forklifts and controlled by the LUCA-Server controlled. They also successfully replace the old forklift terminals.

How robust does Pick-by-Tablet need to be?

Tablet in use with the picking systems. We use different hardware models for our Pick-by-Tablet solutions. Exactly which devices are best suited depends heavily on the application. Not every application needs the expensive and robust models. Sometimes the tablets are simply fixed to the picking cart or forklift and are not exposed to mechanical stress. If the devices have to be carried, they should then be built very robustly. In this case, every impact must be well absorbed. We adapt the hardware optimally to the application.


Our software is kept to a minimum on the tablet. On the LUCA-Server the process logic is mapped. In this case, the tablet only takes over the display of information and the transfer of user input. On the other hand, the complex process flows and database accesses only take place via the LUCA-Server. The connection of various input devices such as scanners, label printers, etc. is also supported by the tablet software.