The simple picking with one light point

Pick by Point graphic with headset

Mobile light source in the service of logistics

One moving projector, one picker, many storage locations

From the stage to the warehouse

The MovingHeads are widespread in stage technology everywhere. A concert without the light sources is unimaginable today. A few years ago, LUCA successfully used the technology in the warehouse and called it Pick-by-Point®. The brand is patented by LUCA.

The moving light point marks the storage locations - it couldn't be easier. The idea is very simple and practical and can be used for marking containers, pallets, small and large compartments at a distance of about 20 meters. The number of pieces or the storage positions in a trolley and other features are signaled on screens or by voice output when needed. The number of pieces is not always important when picking. In Automotiv, the number of pieces is usually constant.

The confirmation of the activities is confirmed via scanner, Pick-Radar® or by voice (Voice Picking).

VW in Wolfsburg 2010

The introduction of our Pick-by-Point® solution at VW in Wolfsburg celebrated its premiere in 2010. The use of LUCA technology in replenishment control and sequencing of door handles, made it to the first page of the VW magazine "autogramm Wolfsburg 06-07/2010". Not only VW Wolfsburg was very proud of the LUCA solution. The news about the Pick-by-Point® spread very quickly to all other VW plants and VW brands. Some SKODA employees were particularly enthusiastic about the solution, which was especially recognized some time later (see below). The first VW system is still in operation today in Wolfsburg at a service provider, the Schnellecke company, and is used to supply the production line at the VW plant for Golf, Touran and Tiguan. The innovative Schnellecke company has since deployed several LUCA plants worldwide.

VW Innovation Day 2012

At the Innovation Day in June 2012 in the VW Group (in Martorell/Spain), SKODA wins the main prize as "Best Innovation in Logistics" for the introduction of our Pick-by-Point® solution. We are pleased that this LUCA solution has received such great recognition in the VW Group. We would like to thank SKODA for the recognition of the innovative LUCA solutions in sequencing and picking, in the more than 200 different systems that have been installed there in the SKODA plants (in Mlada Boleslav and Kvasiny).

Pick-by-Point® today

Our Pick-by-Point® solution has managed to take its place as an integral part of the solutions in logistics. Even some universities and renowned scientific institutes, such as the Fraunhofer Institute in Dortmund (Mr. Detlef Spee), have installed the LUCA solution within their own walls to present the technology to the young logistics generation. Some technical books and learning materials report about the Pick-by-Point®.