pick by scan

The simple pick by scan method with a scanner or handheld to process the picking orders is very common. The order information is shown on the display. Via the built-in scanner the picking is acknowledged and sent to the LUCA-Server sent. We have various hardware products available on the market.

The communication

The communication between the scanners and the LUCA-Server is usually implemented via WiFi. For permanent workplaces, cheaper cable-based solutions are also used. The scanned data is transmitted to the central LUCA-Server sent and processed. The hardware is connected to the LUCA system via stable and standardised interfaces. The communication between the LUCA system LUCA-Server and the higher-level WMS and HOST systems is adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Poor ergonomics

The scanners or handhelds with built-in displays are usually very large and not ergonomic. Even today the old "Motorola bones" are still in use in many warehouses. Today, in modern order picking systemswe mainlyuse the other smart solutions, such as Pick-by-Watch, Voice Pickingetc. The old Pick-by-Scan systems can be brought up to date through retrofit projects.