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The ELS (Electronic Shelf Label) with ePaper technology is also used as an auxiliary Pick-by-ePaper picking in the warehouse as an auxiliary technology. The displays are powered by small, long-life batteries and are controlled without cabling by the LUCA-Server without wiring.


The ePaper displays are NOT suitable as a replacement for Pick-to-Light suitable. The speed of the update depends on the size of the displays and is between 5 and 40 seconds. The flashing LED (green) can be activated in approx. one second. For this reason, ePaper displays are used for static marking of storage locations, for SET formation and as a replacement for paper signs. Sequence trolleys in the automotive industry are labeled with ePaper displays instead of paper lists. As an order picking system, ePaper is only suitable to a limited extent.

The transceiver

Communication between the LUCA-Server and the individual displays is bidirectional via the transceivers. Depending on the warehouse layout, a transceiver must be positioned every approx. 24 meters in order to supply all displays with data. The transceivers are supplied with data and power via the POE network without additional power supply units. Installation is very simple and can be carried out on site in some cases.

Battery life

After the display has been updated, only the energy-saving receiver remains active and "waits" for the new telegrams. The patented data transmission between the AccessPoints is bidirectional and uses a reflective light signal, which guarantees absolute power savings and stability compared to other radio-based products on the market. The battery lasts for 2-7 years, depending on the frequency of updates.


The ePaper technology is very well known from eBooks. ESLs (Electronic Shelf Labels) have conquered the large supermarket chains. The information on the ePaper display is updated using battery power. After updating, the display no longer needs electricity to show the information. The content of the display can be freely designed. The display is controlled via the central LUCA-Server.


  • Latest ePaper technology
  • Full graphics display
  • Signal LED
  • Power-saving electronics
  • Long-term battery
  • Various sizes
  • Flexible use
  • Simple assembly


  • Storage location labeling
  • Article labeling for SET formation
  • Labeling of the sequence cars (automotive)
  • Container labeling

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