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Pick-by-Frame is a mobile Pick-to-Light, which is coupled to an order picking trolley

We design our frames to match your order picking trolleys

Pick-by-Frame® is a picking method in which a mobile Pick-to-Light system is dynamically docked onto a picking trolley. The entire picking technology is mounted on a frame with its own wheels.

Preparation of the cartons or boxes on the picking trolley

The shipping cartons or boxes must be prepared before picking begins. The trolley barcode is recorded with the scanner. Depending on requirements, the items are either picked directly into the trolley compartments (automotive or production) or into shipping cartons or transport boxes.

For boxes, the box barcodes are assigned to the spaces and orders on the trolley. For shipping cartons, the corresponding carton sizes are assigned to the orders and positioned on the trolley. A large box can also occupy several spaces on the trolley.

Depending on the volume, several cartons/boxes can be assigned to an order. Preparation is carried out as required. It can be carried out directly at the Pick-by-Frame® or at a separate workstation.

Pick by Frame - separate
Pick by Frame - Together

The mechanical coupling of the frame with the picking trolley

The Pick-by-Frame® has its own wheels and is coupled to the picking trolley with the aid of guide rails. The two structures are usually mechanically connected via an innovative magnetic coupling.

The "permanent electromagnets" hold the Pick-by-Frame® and the picking trolley together. The Pick-by-Frame® is released from the trolley by pressing a button that neutralizes the permanent electromagnets.

Batch activation

After the mechanical connection of Pick-by-Frame® , the barcode of the picking trolley is read first. The open order items are loaded and the process can be started.

Alternatively, RFID technology can also be used for automatic identification of the trolley. The LUCA software manages the Pick-by-Frame® connections to the trolleys and dynamically coordinates the necessary changeovers.

An order batch on a trolley can also be processed by several employees and frames (e.g. several levels or zones in the warehouse).

Employee login

If desired, the system can support employee registration. During confirmation, the employee ID can be sent for each picked item. The information is usually evaluated on the HOST system.

Pick-by-Frame® process

The order picking process at LUCA is created according to customer requirements. The focus here is on customer-specific requirements. Basically, the employee is optimally guided through the warehouse and the reliable assignment of the articles to the orders is optimally supported by the technology.

Scanners are used to ensure quality and other data such as batch, serial number, etc. Various scanners can be used in the Pick-by-Frame® process. We have various stationary checkout scanners or mobile hand-held back scanners at our disposal.

Label printers can also be integrated into the process as required. All details of the equipment and processes are coordinated with customers and planners and recorded in specifications.

Battery change with Pick-by-Frame®

Modern lithium-ion batteries usually last for one or even several shifts. The charge status is checked directly on the battery. The Pick-by-Frame® system is designed in such a way that the battery can even be replaced during operation/jobs. When it is switched back on, all displays light up again automatically.

Pick-by-Frame ?

The battery, Pick-to-Light displays, scanner, printer and WiFi are mounted on a mobile frame. The "frame" is connected to an order picking trolley with the entire picking technology and provides optimum support for the simultaneous picking or sequencing of multiple orders.

Once the task is complete, the frame is uncoupled from the trolley. LUCA-Server controls the entire process. The Pick-by-Frame is one of the best manual picking systems.


  • Multi-Order-Picking
  •  Scanner and Displays on board
  • Lithium ion battery packs
  • Optimal support
  • High performance & quality
  • Adaptation to any trolley possible


  • Access sensors (up or down)
  • LED touch
  • Sound beep
  • Label printer on board
  • High capacitive batteries
  • Additional Smart-PC
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