LUCA Systems ?

Since 1998, the various industries have been putting us to the test with the most varied requirements. Only a precise understanding of the work processes and customer processes provides us with the basis for developing our solutions in a goal-oriented and professional manner. The requirements are clearly defined and elaborated in joint workshops.

Just the technology or a concept?

Many technically-oriented people try to use a certain technology immediately when planning a plant. As a result, in the planning phase it is often not the processes, ergonomics and procedures that are in the foreground, but only the technology.

One example of the poor use of modern technology is currently the Pick-by-Vision method with Google Glass. It is very popular with many decision makers because of its "innovative" effect. The solution with Google Glass does not meet the logistic requirements at all and is not suitable for working in the warehouse, considering the cognitive ergonomics.

According to our experience, the process, the ergonomics and only then the technology should be considered. A correct plant planning must have a conceptual freedom in which not only the technical, but primarily the process-oriented factors are taken into account. Only then can a specific picking system and technology, or even combinations thereof, be defined.

LUCA has many technologies and various devices at its disposal that guarantee freedom of planning. The integration of all technologies is carried out using software developed by us for the LUCA server, which is responsible for all communication and process logic. Only in this way can goal-oriented and flexible systems and solutions be created today.

LUCA Server

All LUCA technologies are based on one LUCA-Server into a homogeneous solution.

The standardized hardware

The LUCA developments are based on several years of experience with professional hardware components of our partner companies, as well as on commercially available products, which are jointly based on the LUCA-Server can be combined to a homogeneous solution.

Professional software development

LUCA software development is carried out using the most modern and always up-to-date software packages. The technologies used ensure a stable and future-oriented platform for our customers as well as for us. We constantly monitor the market developments and introduce only the proven and meaningful news.

The LUCA software was completely developed by us and is independent of third-party products (only operating systems and databases). The LUCA software is usually installed via VPN on virtual or physical servers provided by the customer. The network structure, the operating system and the database are required by the customer.

Concepts and project management

Through the appropriate cooperation of the teams in concept and software development, we achieve a very good performance in the creation of solutions. Short decision paths and practice-oriented developments, which are often coordinated with the cooperation of the project managers and the end users. Centralized project management simplifies communication with other companies involved in the project. The details are documented in professionally elaborated specifications.

Commissioning and training

The installation and commissioning of the LUCA software and the interface tests to other systems often take place online via VPN connection. After successful interface commissioning and installation of the LUCA systems on site, the processes are put into operation. We attach great importance to a well-developed error handling system. Following the commissioning and test phases, the key users and technicians are trained on site, who later take over service and support (hotline level 1) on site.

Hotline & Service

We offer hotline & service support for the running systems. Thanks to our LUCA log file systems with automatic reorganisation and online monitoring, our hotline is able to answer most questions online and by telephone and to solve any problems that may arise. The stability and trouble-free operation of the systems are the most important goal and feature of LUCA systems for us.