Pick-by-Light System

The hierarchy, standards and enhancements in a Pick-by-Lightsystem

Pick-by-Light System - DHL Willows

A Pick by Light system does not only consist of individual displays, but often also contains other complex functions and components. We develop and deliver simple as well as very complex Pick by Light systems. However, the exact design of the systems is always based on the customer's requirements. On the other hand, LUCA also offers a number of LUCA standard packages which may be ... read more

Pick by Light build it yourself

Advisor: How to build up your Pick-by-Lightown

Pick by Light build it yourself

In this article we will answer the question whether you can build a Pick by Light system yourself. We will use our experience as a longtime supplier to give you an objective answer. Thereby we will discuss different aspects like: Feasibility, problems, profitability and the possibilities. Ultimately, however, you must make your decision ... read more

Pick by Light

The ultimate system for picking, sequencing, assembly and production


What is Pick by Light? Planning and setting up a Pick by Light system? What hardware and software does a Pick by Light system need? Building Pick by Light yourself? ... and much more. We will give you the answers to all these questions here. We also supply professional picking systems with Pick by Light. All our systems are controlled by the ... read more