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Pick by Beam

The use of beamer projectors is widespread and well-known in offices everywhere. The professional Pick-by-Beam technology is used excellently at LUCA for marking target locations, in the Multi-Order-Picking process and contours at precision assembly stations. The simple configuration tools facilitate system customization.

A projector shows more than 1000 words.

guide, inform, mark.

Order picking

This method is used at workstations where items are picked from small compartments or into small compartments. In contrast to Pick-by-Point®, several locations can be marked simultaneously. Additional information or images can also be projected onto projection surfaces, such as tables, floors, etc. The method is very productive when distributing items into small target compartments (put-to-beam).

Assembly stations

At assembly stations, the beam projectors can display the marking of the contours or exact positions of the assembled parts. The configuration and training time for the system is very short and intuitive. The system is often used with other monitoring methods and picking systems, such as cameras and laser systems.

The projector technology

In continuous operation, the technology used must be absolutely reliable and precise. The devices often have to be used in a vertical installation, which places special demands on the design. We access the range of the best manufacturers that are suitable for this application. Only LED laser technology is used here. The well-known problem of lamp life is reduced to a minimum and designed to save costs. Automatic monitoring mechanisms are built into our software to protect the lamps during continuous use. In harsh environments, the projectors are installed in special actively ventilated, sealed, thermally monitored and safe housings. Process and standby control is carried out via the central LUCA-Server.

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