Pick by Hololens

Pick by Hololens

Mixed Reality is not the Innovation of Tomorrow.

It's already exists with Hololen's TODAY

Hololens is a mixed-reality eyewear in which 3D holograms are projected in a real space, opening up completely new dimensions. For several years we have been working on the solution, developing and researching with the HoloLens. LUCA was awarded for this solution by EUROLOGISTICS in 2016 in the category "Product of the Year".

The technical fascination

The HoloLens is the absolutely perfectly developed device that captures the real space in 3D with 6 cameras, calculates the virtual 3D objects in real time and projects them precisely onto the stereo glasses. The audio output, speech recognition and connection to the LUCA-Server round off the features of the glasses. The virtual objects are felt very real in the real space at Pick by Hololens. The enormous computing power guarantees a very smooth movement of the virtual objects.

Use for production and logistics

Currently, the weight and dimensions of the HoloLens are not suitable for continuous use in production and warehouses as pick by Hololens. However, the direction of development is fascinating and correct. We are staying on it!

Google glass or HoloLens

Compared to the HoloLens, the Google Glass is nothing more than a small monitor on a pair of glasses. With the small built-in camera you can also take good photos with Google glass. However, the camera is not suitable for room recognition. The Google-Glass and HoloLens are two different devices that cannot be compared directly. Google-Glass only shows the information on a mini monitor. The HoloLens shows the information in a real 3D space. Goolge-Glass is small and light, making it more acceptable for the user. However, we believe that the use of data glasses in logistics is basically wrong. The employee in logistics needs information that can be presented to him better in a different way.

Product of the year 2016

As one of the first developers in Europe, LUCA was allowed to test and program the HoloLens as early as 2015. The result of our developments was a high-ranking award as "Product of the Year 2016" in logistics, transport and production in Poland. We are very proud of this and congratulate our Polish developers.

Gala 2016 - Diploma

Main prize:
Product of the year 2016 in logistics, transport and production for LUCA Logistic Solutions with Pick-by-HoloLens.

The award-winning picking system is based on a 3D projection of objects and information that were displayed as holograms in a real space via the picking trays. The picking acknowledgement was then made by voice or scanner.Gala 2016 - Oscar