Hybrid Concept

For complex tasks, a single technology can rarely meet all customer requirements. In order to meet the different requirements of the picking systems, we often use several technologies at the same time. This allows us to optimally create a system. By using hybrid technology, our systems remain very flexible and are often automatically adapted to new situations.

Voice Picking & Pick-to-Light

During order picking or sequencing, the large and small parts are stored differently. In orders for mixed products, different requirements often arise. On the one hand, the large parts must be picked with both hands, whereby the picking performance may be lower, but on the other hand, the small parts in the racks should be picked quickly and safely. In order to solve such tasks, we have simultaneously Voice Picking for the large parts and Pick-to-Light for the small parts.

In this case, our system automatically detects the availability of the displays and controls the voice dialogues differently. On the other hand, when large parts are removed, only the Voice Picking with sequential output and voice dialogues is used. For small parts, the Pick-to-Light displays are switched on simultaneously at all required compartments and only the LED colour is output via voice. If required, the Pick-to-Light displays can be easily retrofitted. the LUCA software automatically recognises the new displays.

Voice Picking & Pick-by-Point®

At Voice Picking the problem often arises that when picking at high capacity, the employee has to communicate too much with the voice system. In order to reduce the constant announcement of the check totals, which the employee knows by heart anyway, we show him the picking tray with the Pick-by-Point®, whereby only the number of items is output via voice.

Since the lamp of the Pick-by-Point® system illuminates the entire removal compartment, access is additionally secured according to the PokaYoke principle. Picking can be confirmed via a scanner or voice dialogue. Via voice, the employee only confirms the number of items removed. The hybrid system significantly increases the picking performance compared to the Voice Picking itself.

Here we have only presented an extract from the possible hybrid concept solutions. There are many other variants that can be used very well and innovatively in the hybrid concept. For more information, please contact us.