Pick by Vision

Data Goggles

Data glasses: a fascination or a toy ?

Is the solution suitable for storage?

We presented the fad of recent years - Pick by Vision - at LogiMAT 2015. Since then, various studies have been carried out with renowned companies and scientific institutions. Unfortunately, it turned out that the cognitive ergonomics of the solutions is insufficient. Very often after 2-3 months the solution is Pick-by-Tablet or Pick-by-Watch replaced.

Data goggles in the warehouse?

Why are the data glasses (Pick-by-Vision) in the warehouse as picking system favoured by managers and decision makers? We ask ourselves this question again and again when the press or publications report on Google glass or other comparable products. The fascination for it is only quite big: "That did not exist yet ...". That is true.

After investigating the fascinating Pick-by-Vision technology and its suitability for the rough and durable use in the warehouse, we notice again and again that people tend to want to try out the playful character of the solution. Unfortunately, it soon turns out that currently the "toy" is uncomfortable and not useful and not suitable for logistics.

In between there are even good solutions for those who wear glasses. The non-glasses wearers, however, are forced to violate their own personality sphere by the data glasses. No wonder that the first fascination with them is Pick-by-Vision quickly over and they are put aside and forced to use other techniques like Pick-by-Tablet, Pick-by-Watch or even Pick-by-Light and Pick-by-Voice...must be set.

What does the picker actually need?

That really is the crucial question! Actually, it's all about information. For simple processes, the input of a storage location and the number of pieces is sufficient. There are enough other technical possibilities to give the employee the information. Why then the data glasses? No idea!

The future of data glasses in logistics

No one can predict the future. One thing is certain, technology is evolving and in certain areas, such as technical service, assistance and training, data glasses are already doing and will continue to do an excellent job. Will it really find a home in the warehouse one day? Let's see ... we will definitely be there!