LUCA Server

LUCA Server

This is the basis of LUCA systems with a mature basic concept and professional software development. Our software is installed on a customer server platform and supported via VPN.

The Professional IT-Concept for LUCA-Solutions

Stable, Flexible, Innovative and Cost-Effective


For many years LUCA has been using many different technologies in the construction of its order picking systems. In order to standardise the development and make it future-proof, a common platform had to be created for all these technologies. The modular structure of the LUCA server with very fast inter-process communication and various monitoring and protocol mechanisms guarantee the capabilities.


  • Central inter-communication
  • Stable
  • Flexible
  • Very fast
  • Monitors
  • Intelligent log file system
  • Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL
  • Developed in ANSI C++


  • SAP
  • Various WMS & LVS
  • Production Systems
  • SPS/PLC controls
  • Robots
  • Scanners, RFID, scales, etc.
  • Customer-specific devices and systems

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The goal

The multitude of different technologies supported by LUCA requires a stable basic concept. In order to fulfil this, we have set ourselves several goals for LUCA-Server . The most important was the standardization of the interface between the various technologies (e.g. Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking Pick-by-Frame®, Pick-by-Point®, etc). The interfaces to the individual plant components and systems are connected to LUCA-Server via special coupling modules. From there the data flow is controlled and can be monitored via online monitoring. Our systems are used in a productive environment. For this reason the very high availability must be guaranteed. The core and individual communication channels and processes can be monitored centrally via the control station functions. The modular structure guarantees flexibility for expansions. To guarantee reliable operation, various mechanisms for hotline support are integrated.