pick by bridge

With the Pick-by-Bridge special method, large parts are picked with a mobile gantry crane (automotive). With Pick by Bridge, positioning indicators and target lamps are mounted on the mobile construction. Distance measuring systems or eLocation® determine the exact position of the crane.

The process

After activating the order on LUCA-Server , the positioning displays guide the employee to his removal point (similar to the positioning in the car-wash). The portal crane at Pick-by-Bridge is usually not controlled automatically, but only by the employee for safety reasons. When the correct position is reached, the STOP display is switched on and the target compartment is illuminated. The removal with the crane can take place. An eLocation® or RFID system can be used directly on the crane hook as automatic acknowledgement. Alternatively, the picked parts can also be scanned if required. Optionally, the deposit position can also be signalled in the same way. The method can also be combined with other picking systems (e.g. Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, etc.).