Pick-by-Picture ®

LUCA Pick-by-Picture

When picking or assembling different items that are not labeled, the problem of quality assurance often arises with colors or shapes. Is the picked or assembled part really correct? Support is provided by an image selection.

The eyes principle

On a mobile, graphic display or on a permanently mounted assembly station PC, the employee is shown 4 different images from the database from LUCA-Server and designated as Pick-by-Picture . Depending on the objective of the inspection, different colours of the same product, shapes or different products are displayed. The selection and position of the images is random. Only one image out of the four images shown is correct. The remaining three images show minor or major differences. The employee has to compare the product with the images and confirm it on the touch screen. If the confirmed image is correct, the process step is advanced accordingly. If the confirmation is incorrect or the employee cannot confirm an image, the process step is interrupted and the case is clarified. The end product can optionally be recorded as an image for subsequent quality assurance.

Camera or eye?

Of course, automatic camera detection for Pick-by-Picture, depending on the product, is a better alternative. However, the requirements for the use of a camera with image processing are not always easy to meet. Also the maintenance and care of such automatic camera systems with Pick-by-Picture are often very complex and expensive. LUCA can support both solutions with the Pick-by-Picture ® method. We work here with well-known and professional camera manufacturers. Of course, the acquisition costs of the camera systems are significantly higher. We are happy to support you if necessary and often combine the method with other picking systems.