I help you

My idea:
These signs should hang at every checkout in all supermarkets and shops.

Each of us can ask the cashier to scan this barcode when shopping to help Ukraine with 1€ or more. Your donation will appear on your receipt (tax-free) as a purchased item, e.g. "Help for Ukraine". The supermarket must forward the money to a trusted aid organisation.

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Ukraine, I WILL HELP YOU - Slawomir Skarbecki

Sławomir Skarbecki

I couldn't sleep today
and thought up the action at about 4:30.
It's so simple. Join in!

What does a supermarket have to do?
  1. Printthis board on both sides and hang it above the cash registers.
  2. Insert new article (e.g. "I HELP YOU, Ukraine") into the cash register system (see EAN certificate).
  3. Choose one or more trustworthy aid organisations.
  4. Once a week, transfer the turnover of the item to the charity as a donation (tax-free).

Dear store manager
It's so easy, join us!

View EAN certificate

This EAN code (0725765799654) may be used by any supermarket or shop for this promotion. View certificate.

Download print file

You can print the signs yourself or order them directly from Mediafarm in Borgholzhausen by email:

For questions:

Tip: Gain your customers' trust in this campaign and inform them about the aid organisation and the amount collected (e.g. via a large screen at the checkouts).

What does a client have to do?
  1. At the shop you trust, ask the cashier to scan the barcode from the sign.
  2. Your receipt will show a text (e.g. "I HELP YOU, Ukraine") and the amount you donated tax-free.

Together everything will be fine!

"Speicher" in Westphalia Hall
is the first supermarket in Germany to launch this aid campaign.
Who is next, please?
Start of the relief action in the "Speicher
The supermarket "Speicher" in Halle Westphalia on 13.04.2022 at the beginning of the relief action. From left: Oliver Speicher, Yeliz Acik, Slawomir Skarbecki (Photo: Uwe Pollmeier HK).

EDEKA/Marktkauf store managers take note:
Central has already set up a product group for this campaign to make it absolutely transparent and simple. Activate tax-free articles in the cash registers with the EAN code (0725765799654), put up signs, done.

Haller Kreisblatt
on 14.04.2022
Haller Kreisblatt on 14.04.2022 on the start of the campaign
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Back of the signs

Explanation for the waiting customers at the checkout

Ukraine, I help you
Explanation for the waiting customers

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