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The new eKANBAN replaces the old system with paper maps.
Depending on the available infrastructure, we use different technologies for this. The timely and reliable material supply to the production is the goal. We support the electronic form as eKANBAN with the help of various facilities.

The future of material supply for Industry 4.0

Automatic, cost-saving, always traceable.

The old days are over

Those who still collect KANBAN cards in modern companies are often seen as conservative and not progressive. The handling is too costly with current wage costs in Europe and the run times, as well as the follow-up processes, are often not optimal. "A rolling stone gathers no moss". The phrase takes on more and more meaning with today's pace. Time to think and save. eKANBAN and various picking systems (such as Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, etc.) modernize the process flows between production and the warehouse.

The technology

We have various technologies at our disposal. From fully automatic radio solutions, over extensions of the Pick-to-Lightsystems, to automatic RFID gates. Each of these technologies has special features that are more or less useful and cost-saving depending on your needs. We will be happy to examine your processes and suggest the optimal solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us.