High Performance

It is not only the speed of the technology that determines the performance of a facility. Planning is much more important in order to achieve the right processes and support for the staff and to increase acceptance. The technology itself is not the art here. But without the right technology, it is not possible either.

The fast LUCA technique

Fast technology is a prerequisite for the creation of modern commissioning systems. The technology of the LUCA server is based on high-performance developments that have taken place entirely in our company and dispense with third-party products such as Microsoft objects or purchased libraries. The ANSI C++ developments directly address the operating system at the lowest level and guarantee the highest stability.

Internally, several thousand telegrams per second can be exchanged and processed between the processes and interfaces on LUCA-Server . The databases are used as data containers for the processes and play no role in the active data exchange. Internal mechanisms provide professional protection for the running data. For this reason, LUCA-Server can be classified as a high-performance product.

Die Geschwindigkeit ist eine Frage der Definition. Bei einigen Marktprodukten wird mit Antwortzeiten < 1 Sekunde geworben. Das reicht aber bei komplexen Anlagen nicht.

First plan properly, then choose the technology

Even though today's technology offers many possibilities and interesting suggestions, it does not always make sense to use something that is used inappropriately for the employee and process.

An excellent example of the wrong planning and fashion appearance, is the poor use of Google Glass glasses in logistics. The technology itself is very good. But the use for the employees in logistics is absolutely wrong. The Google Glass glasses are very quickly exchanged for primitive tablets, which is not the goal. We already conducted research projects on the topic a few years ago and gathered the experience.

From this point of view, correct planning and only then the correct selection of the appropriate technology is the key to high-performance, stable and cost-optimised systems. Take advantage of our tried and tested systems, such as Pick-to-Light Pick-by-Frame®, Pick-by-Point®, Voice Picking etc.