Container logistics

What is container logistics?

Container logistics is also part of the big topic of logistics. Container logistics refers to container traffic, i.e. the transport of goods in or on containers. In this process, goods and merchandise are transported in containers from one place to another. These container transports are usually handled by transport companies, which use the various means of transport such as trucks, trains or ships for the transport logistics.

Main processes of container logistics

In addition to storage and transport, the three main processes of container logistics include the handling or transhipment of goods and merchandise. This refers to the process when goods and merchandise change the means of transport, e.g. from a truck to a train or a ship.

Container types

In container logistics, different types of containers are used for container transport: for example, open and large containers. Logistics experts also generally refer to these as standard containers.

Companies and logistics companies mostly use open containers when removing/transporting goods by truck. The container is placed at the appropriate location, first unloaded if necessary and then filled. Large containers are mostly used for shipping, e.g. overseas. The respective goods are transported in containers for import and export by ship.

Important tasks

The services associated with container logistics - consulting, planning, loading, unloading and storage, i.e. the entire process - are now part of a well thought-out solution and are offered and carried out by various logistics companies. Digitization, for example, helps with the transparency of individual procedures and processes.

Other important tasks in container logistics are the inspection/maintenance/repair of all related components, such as the containers themselves and all other working and operating equipment.

Container logistics in connection with additional technology

To support the picking processes, entrepreneurs and logisticians in container logistics also use suitable picking methods, such as Pick-by-Tablet or Pick-by-Scan. Picking methods that are less suitable for logistics specialists in the area of transportation/container logistics are Pick-to-Light and Voice Picking.

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