Forklift truck - top statement in 2023

What is a forklift truck?

A forklift truck transports, pulls, stacks or pushes loads and goods. In logistics, the forklift makes a significant contribution to a smooth and trouble-free flow of materials. The lift truck can be used to transport materials such as pallets, barrels, wire mesh boxes, roll containers, crates or even special containers. In addition to the transport of goods (incoming goods, finished goods warehouse), the use of a lift truck with a Voice Picking device in order picking is conceivable.

Forklift variants? What to consider?

There are a variety of forklift variants and designs that can be used in warehouse technology.

A distinction is made between manual and mechanical industrial trucks. Manual pallet trucks, also known colloquially as ants or lift trucks, are operated by hand and can transport the stored goods by hand on the storage surface (max. lifting height approx. 100 mm). Their load capacity is limited.

In the case of mechanized vehicles, a distinction is made not only between the type of drive but also between the lifting height and the type of transport. If electric forklifts are mainly used in the warehouse, gasoline, diesel or LPG-powered forklifts can also be used outdoors.

The number of masts defines the lifting height: single, double, triple and quadruple masts. This allows loads to be positioned up to a lifting height of 10 - 12 meters.

Depending on the requirements in the warehouse, vertical stackers, horizontal stackers, reach trucks, telescopic stackers, heavy-duty stackers, side loaders, front loaders or even narrow aisle stackers for narrow rack aisles are used. In addition, all-terrain forklifts are available for special outdoor applications.

How can application possibilities be expanded?

In addition to the classic forking of materials with the lift mast, there are many attachments that greatly expand the application possibilities of forklifts.

  • Fork extensions (overlong stored goods are transported)
  • Clamp fork (clasping of e.g. containers)
  • Reel clamp (transport of cable reels)
  • Carrying mandrel (carry hollow objects)
  • Crane arm (move long material)
  • Bulk material bucket (pick-up of sand or other bulk materials)
  • Tilt sled (for tipping containers or pallets)
  • Assembly platform (repair work)

Forklift truck manufacturer

Well-known companies are, for example, Jungheinrich or Linde. These also offer used forklifts for sale.


Regardless of whether it's a matter of transporting pallets, storing and retrieving materials or supplying goods within the company - a forklift truck can perform these tasks flexibly and reliably. Different purposes require adaptable technology, especially against the background of constantly changing requirements in intralogistics.

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