What is intralogistics?

Intralogistics in industry (defined by VDMA 2004) generally describes the entire process in a company that has to do with the connection and interaction of internal systems for material flow, automated guided vehicles, logistics, production and goods transport on the company premises.

The planning of the solutions, the automation of the conveyor technology in the warehouse, material flow, notification, the optimization of the controls and machines, as well as the implementation of the projects, belong to the tasks of intralogistics.

On the other hand, also use and development of the facilities in the field of software, warehouse management, warehouse management systems, networking, robotics, plant engineering.

Intralogistics and the people

Not only technology, material flow and transport of products are considered a challenge in intralogistics, but also information flow and in-house organization of employees. From incoming goods to outgoing goods, the processes and the technologies must be operated correctly. It is essential that the processes in intralogistics provide benefits for people and their performance in their daily work. It is not only the equipment that is important.

Intralogistics and automation

The degree of automation and the information flow of logistics processes in intralogistics play a decisive role in efficiency and running costs. The cooperation of the individual concepts in the flow of goods, digitalization, control and scalability determine the performance and cost reduction of warehouse operations.

Intralogistics and the technology

Use of automated driverless transport robots in the high-bay warehouse, forklifts and industrial trucks are decisive factors in the internal flow of materials, warehouse system services and order picking. The picking systems efficiently support order pickers in internal order processing. Logistics solutions, such as Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, Pick-by-Point, Pick-by-Frame, etc., control the flow of information, serve to optimize the warehouse and support management.

Intralogistics interfaces

Coordinating the interfaces between the assembly line and the warehouse technology sometimes requires a great deal of development and effort due to different requirements in intralogistics. A clear delineation of the information systems in the individual applications in the material flow helps here. Distribution centers use different components, sensor technology and software solutions than a manufacturing factory. The speed must fit.


The areas of application of intralogistics are therefore very versatile. It is not only about storage, but also about the internal company control of all processes related to the movement of goods. Setting up proper intralogistics takes several years and is never finished.

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