Pick-to-Light Module: PTF-6N-1

PTF-6N-1 Pick-to-Light Module with 6-digit display


212 mm x 50 mm

This Pick-to-Light displays PTF-6N-1 is a module with numerical display. Compared to the four-digit PTF-4N-1, two additional numeric characters are available here. For the display of high quantities, we ourselves recommend the use of this compartment display in a Pick-to-Light system. Of course, it is possible to use the first or last characters for the information of container units.

This compartment display variant is used in process sequences in which the display of six-digit numeric characters is required. These include large withdrawal quantities, abbreviated article numbers or, if necessary, storage location designations. After the order is activated in the system, the compartment displays light up with the corresponding withdrawal quantities and, if necessary, employee information.

The withdrawal itself is confirmed with the acknowledgement button. The +/- keys can be used to perform shortage correction and inventory. Various individual functions can be triggered via the function key. The displayed information and the sequence on the compartment display are controlled by the LUCA-Server and can be individually designed.

More information in the main article: Pick-to-Light

Why different names?


The method Pick-to-Light is a classic picking with the help of compartment displays. In this case, the Pick-to-Light display shows the picking quantity directly on the storage compartment. The Pick-to-Light system receives the confirmation of the withdrawal mostly by pressing a button on the module.


The term is often used incorrectly and thus often confused with Pick-to-Light . The Pick-to-Light method is a Multi-Order-Picking method that focuses on distributing items that have just been picked to different orders. The method is classically used with a picking cart (Pick-by-Cart).


The Put-to-Light method clearly defines a distribution of goods to the target compartments. A classic example is the replenishment in a flow rack.

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