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Pick-to-Light Module: PTF-EP-1

PTF-EP-1 Pick-to-Light Display with ePaper display and buttons


145 mm x 50 mm

The EP-2 compartment display is equipped with an "Electronic Paper Display". In addition to the option of displaying multi-line text or numbers, the main feature is the display of barcodes and QR codes. The quick updating of the displayed information is particularly advantageous. The use in a Pick-to-Light system is rare.

The EP-1 compartment display has a graphic, black and white EP display, which offers the option of displaying barcodes and QR codes. As standard, it has an oval eye-catching light divided horizontally into two halves, which can display seven possible colors per half (e.g. for simultaneous operation of two order pickers or as a directional function). The four available buttons, which are available in different variants or even button versions such as long-stroke buttons or buttons under the front foil, can be used for acknowledgement or other functions in the Pick to Light system.

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It can be used for Pick-to-Light applications, in which the picker removes items from an illuminated compartment, and for put-to-light applications, in which the picker places items in an illuminated compartment.

Why different system names?


The method Pick-to-Light involves classic order picking with the aid of compartment displays. The Pick-to-Light display shows the removal quantity directly at the storage compartment. The Pick-to-Light system usually receives confirmation of the removal by pressing a button on the module.


The term is often used in English-speaking countries instead of Pick-to-Light . The Pick-to-Light method is a Multi-Order-Picking method that focuses on the distribution of items that have just been picked to different orders. The method is classically used with a picking trolley (Pick-by-Cart).


The put-to-light method clearly defines the distribution of goods to the target compartments. A classic example of this is replenishment in a flow rack.

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