Pick-to-Light Module: PTF-LC-2

PTF-LC-2 - Pick-to-Light Module with LCD display


145 mm x 50 mm

You need a Pick to Light display with graphic display and dual LED (2×7 colors) and need to display additional information in multiple lines and different font sizes? Then the LC-2 display is the right choice. In addition to the pick quantity, an article number or a short description can be displayed, for example.

The LC-2 is a compartment display with a graphic, black-and-white LC display (liquid crystal display) and comes standard with an oval eye-catching light divided horizontally into two halves, which can display seven possible colors per half (e.g. for simultaneous operation of two order pickers or as a directional function). The +/- keys themselves can be used to correct the displayed quantity. Other applications and functions can be realized and requested from the LUCA. It is very rarely used in a Pick-to-Light system.

More information in the main article: Pick-to-Light

The compartment display can be used in various areas, such as picking on flow racks and shelving, stationary goods distribution, assembly processes, in deep-freeze areas (down to -30°C) as well as in incoming and outgoing goods or for mobile applications.

Why different names?


The method Pick-to-Light is a classic picking with the help of compartment displays. In this case, the Pick-to-Light display shows the picking quantity directly on the storage compartment. The Pick-to-Light system receives the confirmation of the withdrawal mostly by pressing a button on the module.


The term is often used incorrectly and thus often confused with Pick-to-Light . The Pick-to-Light method is a Multi-Order-Picking method that focuses on distributing items that have just been picked to different orders. The method is classically used with a picking cart (Pick-by-Cart).


The Put-to-Light method clearly defines a distribution of goods to the target compartments. A classic example is the replenishment in a flow rack.

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