Pick-to-Light Module: PTF-ZCTRL2

PTF-ZCTRL2 innovative Pick-to-Light Conroller and display with touch screen


224 mm x 50 mm

ONE module TWO applications in one Pick-to-Light system! The PTF-ZCTRL2 itself is an innovative further development that combines the functionality of a controller and the features of a zone display in one compact module. The display primarily serves as a local interface between connected Pick to Light displays and the user. This makes the construction of Pick to Light systems even easier. In many cases, the module can replace previously required PC-based terminals in a system.

When used as a zone display or info display, extensive employee information can be shown on the significantly larger color display. In addition, even the innovative touch field operation by sensitive touch screen, freely definable soft keys (on-screen keys), display of bar or QR code, text displays in different sizes and colors as well as graphical representations of lines and rectangular shapes are part of the extended range of functions. Moreover, the automatic display orientation allows horizontal as well as vertical display mounting. You can't build such an outstanding product yourself.

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The most important terms in logistics

Notification, receipt of goods

As a zone controller, the module has modern interfaces. These include a direct network/internet connection (Ethernet), two USB ports, RS232, of course the PTF-BUS with electronic overcurrent protection as well as the data communication. In addition to the aforementioned technical innovations, the module is equipped with the oval eye-catching light (2×7 color combinations). With the L-Touch function, a wear-free acknowledgement or input confirmation function is also available by lightly touching the eye-catching light.

The module can be used flexibly as a zone controller in a Pick by Frame® solution or as a pure info display in a Pick-to-Light system, allowing it to be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Why different names?


The method Pick-to-Light involves classic order picking with the help of compartment displays. The Pick-to-Light display shows the picking quantity directly at the storage compartment. The Pick-to-Light system usually receives the confirmation of the removal by pressing a button on the module.


The term is often used incorrectly and thus often confused with Pick-to-Light . The pick-to-light method is a Multi-Order-Picking method that focuses on distributing articles that have just been picked to different orders. The method is classically used with a picking trolley (Pick-by-Cart).


The Put-to-Light method clearly defines a distribution of goods to the target compartments. A classic example is the replenishment in a flow rack.

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