Picking order - top statement in 2023

What is a picking order?

While a pick list can include several sales orders, the classic pick order is created for one sales order. The pick order contains the article number, pick quantity, unit of measure, warehouse as well as the exact storage location, delivery date and delivery location. The pick order is often also called pick list, pick list or pick slip.

Preparation of a picking order

The order and the order data are checked after the order. With the help of the warehouse management system, for example SAP, it is determined whether the goods are available in the warehouse. If goods are missing for withdrawal at the storage location, the retrieval strategy process is triggered and the items are staged in the storage zones. 

To improve the picking time and the picking performance of the picker during picking, all items of an order should be ready at the specified storage location. 

Picking methods

The warehouse employee receives the picking order. The order is passed on with documents (paper list) or without documents (electronically). In order to reduce travel time, to shorten the picking time and to ensure the quality of the picking process, paperless picking methods are predominantly used. These include Pick-to-Light, Pick-by-Scan or Voice Picking. 

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