The optimal material flow is responsible for the performance of each plant. Only the correct procedures guarantee success. However, every system is different and standardization is not easy. We have developed a platform on which every material flow can be mapped. The central control system is controlled by the LUCA-Server is taken over.

The optimal material flow guarantees your success.

We integrate all the technology and the picking systems on the modern LUCA-Server.


We control the technical material flowThe systems integrate machines and conveyor technology, control high-bay warehouses (HRL), automatic small parts warehouses (AKL) with their pre-zones, coordinate the destination control and goods issue sorters. In the material flow system, we communicate with all higher-level Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and integrate all our pick-by- systems. The entire communication between the technology and WMS is centralized, monitored, visualized and thus the material flow optimally coordinated.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be integrated with any WMS
  • Connection to any subordinate control system and machine
  • Real-time communication via the LUCA-Server
  • Full integration of Pick-by systems
  • optimization methods
  • Customer-specific processes
  • Fast, stable and reliable


  • I-Point Coordination
  • Carton erector and contour controls
  • Marking systems
  • Destination and sorter controls
  • AKL/HRL pre-zones
  • Goods Issue Sorting
  • machine coordination
  • production control

Material flow systems

WMS connection

LUCA implements every connection to a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Our software developers have various technical options at their disposal. From couplings via databases, files, queues, direct interfaces such as web services, TCP/IP socket connections to various SAP couplings.

hardware connection

The connections to the subordinate PLC controls, machines, devices and picking systems (Pick-by-Light, Pick-by-Frame®, Pick-by-Voice, etc.) are realized via the on-site network. A large number of interfaces are available to us. A direct coupling of the Siemens SPS controls is realized e.g. via the RFC1006 protocol. On the PLC side, the programming effort is very low. If required, the interfaces are developed accordingly.

control processes

A modular structure of the LUCA server enables the connection of standardized and customer-specific modules for process control. Every task is feasible. The processes communicate with the databases, save your tasks and report back the status messages.

response times

Based on the professional software construction of the LUCA server, the response times to the interfaces are only a few milliseconds. Due to the multitasking structure, many tasks can be processed simultaneously. This enables us to create very fast and large plants.