Hotline and service

LUCA Hotline

Our LUCA systems often form a complex system. In order to minimise possible malfunctions, we offer our customers a contract with comprehensive Hotline & Service services to ensure the operational capability, quality and functionality of the systems. The LUCA Hotline & Service team ensures professional assistance and thus contributes to productivity, value retention and cost reduction.

The trouble-free operation of our plants is the goal.

Our hotline & service give you the security

  • Online remote diagnosis (VPN) via the LUCA-Server
  • Extensive logfile system and analysis tools
  • Short hotline response times
  • Competent technical staff
  • Professional help
  • 24H service
  • Online and on-site maintenance
  • Spare parts management

By using modern communication technology in the creation of the picking systems and very well developed LUCA logfile system, our hotline & service team is able to carry out a complex analysis of possible faults even after several days. It is not without reason that the LUCA systems are among the most stable on the market. Our customers have been enthusiastic about the concept of the LUCA server and its advantages for many years.