What does Just-in-Sequence mean?

The term Just in Sequence (JIS) describes a type of delivery in procurement logistics. The JIS process is a further development of just-in-time (JIT) delivery. The delivery of necessary materials for production is delivered in quantity and type as well as in sequence at the exact time required for production. 

The procedure

In order to realise a smooth procurement according to Just in Sequence, to determine the demand and to minimise the effort in the supply chain, an electronic data interchange (EDI systems) and the communication between buyer and supplier is indispensable. A typical field of application is the automotive industry. The car manufacturers operate this delivery method to perfection. 

The parts are delivered to the assembly line at the right time and in the right sequence and position. There, the final assembly of the components to the existing construction takes place immediately.

Just-in-sequence production is oriented to the production cycle. This form of procurement logistics is only possible through excellent transport planning. Transport planning has the task of keeping inventory and transport costs as low as possible. Elementary features are the determination of the optimal quantity and calculation of the correct time of delivery so as not to interrupt continuous production.

Advantages of procurement logistics - Just in Sequence

  • No inventory costs at the recipient
  • No stocks at the consignee
  • Delivery of the modules to the assembly line
  • Minimum space requirement at the assembly
  • Production-synchronous variants for final assembly

Disadvantages of procurement logistics - Just in Sequence

  • High communication effort between buyer and supplier
  • High dependence on the supplier
  • Danger of production standstill in the event of complications


When implemented consistently, the advantages for companies outweigh the disadvantages. The process minimises capital commitment, storage is almost completely eliminated and the goods are delivered at the right time to supply the vehicles in the pearl necklace with the right modules. No notification is made in the process.

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