The most important task of the systems in production focuses on correct material procurement, optimal order control and smooth material flow. From material supply to the individual assembly stations, to the machines, to set formation, test stands and return stock, the processes are very different. At the same time, performance and quality must be guaranteed at every single step.

Material flow

If cycle times in production are constantly becoming shorter, the variety of articles is increasing and model variants are growing, the demands on internal material flow control are consequently also growing. Already during the analysis of current processes and process strategies, we support you with qualified workshops and research methods. For the subsequent implementation of the results, we can offer you a range of tried and tested order picking systems such as eLocation, Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking 0der Pick-by-Frame, implement the elaborated strategies and optimize route train control and localization, tool location and material supply.


In today's enterprise resource planning, replenishment control is a fundamentally important process. It can contribute significantly to increasing the efficiency of the material flow. In addition to the requirement to ensure replenishment of picking points (supermarket, assembly line) and to guarantee constant warehouse availability, it is also necessary to place the correct material variant at the correct storage or picking point. Incorrect positioning inevitably leads to incorrect picking during order picking. Take advantage of our experience in implementing systemic employee support in replenishment processes and reap the benefits (product quality, labor productivity and inventory accuracy).

Set formation

In order to minimize material transports and to optimize the production flow through shorter handling processes, kid forming processes are often used in plants. The assembly of components and parts (in number and quality) required for the manufacture of certain products or assemblies are significant for flawless and error-free shoring. We select the right concept from the extensive portfolio of methods after a thorough analysis of your processes.

Assembly support

In order to optimize the manufacturing process of production goods in terms of time, cost position and, in particular, susceptibility to errors, we offer you various processes and systems for assembly support, primarily for locating components and assembly position on the product. According to the requirements, the process flows and the user acceptance, systems such as Pick-by-Beam, Pick-by-Vision or also eLocation can be used.

Quality control

While quality assurance in operations is carried out proactively using rules and standards, quality control activities serve to identify and sort out defective products using examinations, tests and inspection mechanisms (standards). Ultimately, the goal is to minimize rejects and rework and to safeguard the company's reputation. Depending on the inspection steps and standards to be monitored, we can help you achieve your goals using different methods.

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