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What is Pick-to-Light?

Pick to Light is a system for paperless picking with compartment displays installed at each storage compartment.

What exactly does Pick-to-Light do ?

After order activation, the compartment displays on the storage compartments light up and show the picker the quantity to be picked. The picker acknowledges the pick at an acknowledgement button.

What are the features of a Pick-to-Light display?

Each Pick-to-Light display is equipped with at least one or more LEDs. Depending on the version, the display can be equipped with additional keys (acknowledgement key, function key, plus/minus keys), display for quantity indication and sensor for access monitoring. All display types can be found in the article: Pick-to-Light Hardware.

From how many meters can I see the LED?

The indicator LED glows strongly and is easily visible from 20 meters.

How many colors can the LED show?

The LED is divided into two halves.
Each half can shine with 7 colors (red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, pink, white).

Can the system be used mobile?

Yes, even very good. The mobile Pick-to-Light can be powered by exchangeable lithium-ion batteries. Data connection is possible via WiFi, without the use of a PC. There are two different solutions for the mobile use of the Pick-to-Light displays: Pick-by-Cart and Pick-by-Frame®

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