Pick-to-Light Picking

In this article we will explain how picking with Pick-to-Light works best in a warehouse or production.

How exactly does Pick-to-Light picking work?

Pick-to-Light Picking is a picking method that visually supports a pick from a storage compartment. A compartment indicator with LED, display and acknowledgement button is installed at each picking location. The picker follows the LED light indicator and reads the number of pieces from the quantity display. The LED light color is adjustable. At Pick-to-Light picking is confirmed at the acknowledgement button, which results in a paperless inventory change in the warehouse management system. When everything is picked, a message is displayed. The picker can immediately start the next order.

Pick-to-Light Picking
Pick-to-Light Picking uses the luminous Pick-to-Light compartment indicators attached to each storage compartment and include a signal light, quantity indicator and acknowledgement button.

How fast is the picking with Pick-to-Light?

Pick-to-Light Picking is one of the manual picking methods and is very fast. After the order is activated by the warehouse management system, the compartment displays on the storage compartments are switched on in real time within a few milliseconds.

The picker can very quickly detect the light signals, read the quantity and acknowledge the removals. His training time is minimal. Depending on the structure of the picking zones, an order picker can perform up to 400 picks per hour . The quality of the picks is also very high.

Quality in picking with Pick-to-Light

The quality of picking with the picking method is very high. The exact definition of the picking errors depends on various factors and is on average between 0.03% and 0.1%.

One of the biggest errors is that the employee counts the number of pieces to be picked incorrectly at the storage location. For this reason, counting scales are used to help in the process when large quantities are picked. In this case, the system is called Pick-by-Weight .


Pick-to-Light Picking is one of the best picking methods on the market. Acknowledgement with the acknowledgement button can also be replaced by an automatic sensor and is very fast. This relieves the operator even more. His search time is reduced to a minimum.

We offer Pick-to-Light with professional software and hardware. The fast control of the systems and the connection to the warehouse management system is done by the LUCA communication server. Compare also other LUCA systems for paperless systems on our other websites.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of a suitable system, we will be happy to advise you.

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