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Where is Pick-to-Light used?

Pick-to-Light is very versatile and is used wherever simple information needs to be displayed directly on storage compartments or machines. The operator can make appropriate entries using various buttons on the Pick-to-Light compartment displays.

eCommerce: Picking and replenishment in the dispatch warehouse

In a dispatch warehouse, the Pick to Light is mostly used for picking A or B items. This fast picking method brings enormous benefits in terms of performance and quality. The use of conveyor technology in combination with a material flow system further optimizes the overall system.

When using the conveyor technology, the shipping cartons automatically travel to the individual picking zones. The order is only activated and the appropriate displays light up once the cartons have been ejected. The powerful LED signals the position from a great distance. The displays show the removal quantity directly. The employee then confirms the removal with a button directly on the display.

If the stock level in the storage compartment does not match, the employee can enter a message for a shortage directly on the display.

In addition to picking, the Pick-to-Light system is also used very successfully to support replenishment. Simple "Put-to-Light" displays are mounted on the individual replenishment channels in a shelf. When the replenishment orders are activated, the corresponding display lights up. The employee is guided directly to the correct storage compartment. Acknowledgement takes place via the button on the display or with the aid of a scanner.

AutomotiveSequencing in the supermarket of shopping baskets and JIT racks

Pick to Light plays a very large and decisive role in the preparation of assembly as shopping baskets and JIT racks in an automotive plant. The large number of models and variants makes it impossible to store car parts directly on the assembly line for space reasons. For this reason, the car parts are also stored and "retrieved" in the neighboring halls or even at remote service providers. These storage areas are often called supermarkets (SuMA).

The assembly line of an automotive plant must be supplied 100% without errors and at the right time.

The preparation of car parts in the supermarkets is known as sequencing. We will soon publish a separate article on sequencing in automotive production itself. Stay tuned ...

Our systems and the LUCA-Server have been specially developed for customers with high quality requirements and are perfectly suited for trouble-free continuous use. The Quick-Click system enables quick and easy conversion of the system. This means that the requirements for changing car parts (alternative parts) are easily met.

Production: assembly stations, set formation and machine loading

The system is particularly versatile in production. Not just one, but several product variants are often assembled at an assembly table or assembly workstation. The components are usually provided at the assembly table in small or large containers and boxes. A large number of product variants, as well as similar and interchangeable components, can lead to problems with quality and performance. The Pick to Light can be used very effectively to help with this.

Once the orders have been activated, the corresponding displays light up directly on the components. The entire assembly process is controlled by an existing system or by our LUCA-Server . Not only the access to the components is important here, but also the correct sequence of assembly. It is very important that the system supports the employee and corrects any errors where possible (PokaYoke). Additional sensors on the displays monitor the activities and immediately report errors in the event of any mix-ups.

Pick to Light can also be used very well for set formation and machine loading. However, these applications are very versatile and require precise process planning. You can find out more about this in the article "How to plan a Pick-to-Light system". If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Pick to Light systems can be used in many industries. However, the objectives are different in every industry. All of these tasks can be solved with our flexible LUCA-Server . The most important thing is correct planning. We are happy to support you here. Get in touch with us and find out more.

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