Who is a picker?

The picker brings together the goods for the customer orders.

What does a picker do?

The main task of an order picker in a warehouse logistics is the order-related removal (picking) of articles from a storage location of the warehouse. Picking is done from storage compartments in shelves or from storage locations of pallets. Picking is based on a picking list (electronic or as physical accompanying documents). The processes are often supported by picking systems (picking procedures), such as Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, Pick-by-Point, Pick-by-Frame, etc.

Before starting the activity, the picker also often prepares the packaging (boxes, containers, mesh boxes, pallets, etc.). After that, picking already begins. He goes through several storage zones according to the picking list and picks the goods from the storage locations. Each item of the picking order is confirmed. To keep the walking time short, picking systems and warehouse management systems are used. They optimize storage and walking distances. Once the order is ready, it is checked, packed and shipped. The picker has a great responsibility in the quality of the work for the whole team (minimizing the shortage and optimizing the handling costs).

Picking in a picking warehouse is done manually. The following picking devices can be used as aids: Forklift trucks, pallet trucks, various other devices, floor conveyors and various supporting systems.

Does the picker need training?

No. To work as a picker, you don't need a full education at a vocational school. A search at a job exchange is enough. The profession is taught in a logistics company as part of a skilled worker preparation program. The warehouse specialists, trade packers and warehouse logisticians learn the profession directly with the work experience.

Continuing education in warehouse management is possible. However, this depends heavily on each individual employer. Ask the company when you apply.

Find a job as a picker?

Finding a job as a picker is not difficult. There are many job ads and job boards where employees with the job profile are wanted (e.g. https://www. stepstone.de/jobs/Kommissionierer-in.html).

To narrow down the job search, you can also enter the city where you are looking for the job in the search box, e.g. "Picker Hamburg". In many cases, even the job ads in the employment offices are very easy to find. If you come from a different profession, then search for "application picker lateral entry". Advantages in the job have professionals who have a driver's license for forklift trucks. In some companies there are also only lift trucks, for which you do not need a driver's license.

Good luck with your application! 

Picker salary?

A picker in Germany earns between €12 - €18 per hour at the beginning. However, depending on the industry, his salary varies greatly. Seasonal employees earn much less. Many temporary agencies also hire pickers at a very low wage. So better apply directly to the companies that need a picker. This will bring more money.

Is picking hard?

In a modern logistics warehouse, many carrying aids are available. In the past, order pickers had to carry very heavy loads. Today's standards regulate the maximum weight he can carry. Forklifts, pallet trucks and cranes are available.

Various picking systems support the work in warehouse logistics and eliminate the accompanying documents (picking list). Do you want to learn more about the innovative picking methods, then read more articles on: Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, Pick-by-Point, Pick-by-Frame, etc.

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