Wiring & accessories of a Pick-to-Light system

You will learn how to implement the wiring of a Pick-to-Light system. In this article we explain various methods and possibilities. You will also learn which accessories are needed for this.

Supply lines from the controller

The wiring is very flexible and simple. A single 4-wire cable connects the mounting rails to each other and to the controller. The controller supplies the Pick-to-Light displays with power and data and forms a link between the displays and the control server (LUCA-Server).

Up to 4 supply lines can be connected to each controller via plug-in connectors. The total length of the supply cable should not exceed 100m.

Different types of wiring

For great flexibility, the cabling can be serial, parallel or a mix of both. The PTF-BUS has been specially designed to allow a mixed type of cabling over long distances.


With serial cabling, two connection terminals are installed in a mounting rail. One at the beginning and one at the end of the rail. Thus the rails are connected serially in a row. The end is always connected to the beginning.

The maximum length of the rails and the cables depends on the number of compartment displays connected and, from experience, should not exceed 200m.

Parallel wiring

With parallel wiring, only one terminal with double design is used in each rail. Two cables are then connected to the one terminal. This way, the mounting rails are connected at one point of the supply line, as if at a parallel connection.

Mixed operation

Both of the above methods can also be used in mixed operation without restrictions. This feature gives the Pick-to-Light system great flexibility in wiring.


Only a few accessories are required for the wiring of a Pick-to-Light system. These include, above all, the double clamp to which one or two cables are connected (depending on the type of wiring).

The clamps are riveted or screwed in place. You can find out more about installation in the separate article: "How to install a Pick-to-Light system".

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