What exactly is notification and how important is it for the recipient?

Notification on the phone

Notification (also notification or delivery notification) is precisely the announcement of the delivery to the recipient. The forwarding agent gives the recipient the preliminary information about the preceding delivery by e-mail, telephone or SMS.

The notification consists of

  • Order number of the recipient
  • Article number
  • Item weight
  • Item quantity
  • Volume
  • Time of delivery in the goods receipt or date for collection (delivery date)

Wikipedia defines despatch advice as follows:

A despatch advice is the announcement of a warehouse or goods delivery. The shipping notification is sent by the supplier to the recipient of the goods before the goods are delivered. Despatch advices are often used in supply chains in which it can be of great importance for the recipient of the goods to be informed about the timely or late arrival of the goods in order to be able to take precautions if necessary.

Source: Avis (logistics) - Wikipedia

Notification procedure

The forwarder or supplier usually notifies the consignments with advance information (shipping notice) one day before delivery. The advice for collection or delivery is usually given in writing or by telephone 30 days before the delivery date. Some forwarding agents give notice of delivery at the goods receiving point one hour before delivery.

Only upon delivery does the forwarder hand over the delivery papers (delivery note) to the recipient. The recipient should then check the quantity and quality of the goods directly upon delivery.  

Notification ensures optimal use of resources and supply chains. If suppliers notify incorrectly, the recipient cannot control the organisation and the process in the warehouse or department in time. In order to be able to notify correctly, the supplier should coordinate precisely with the recipient.


A delivery notification in logistics is preliminary information and only serves to announce the goods to the recipient. In the case of delivery, the notification is sent one day in advance and possibly also by telephone one hour directly before delivery. In the case of collection, the notification is sent 30 days as a written announcement.  

Other terms for notification   

In payment transactions: payment advice when paying an invoice.

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