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What exactly is goods receiving, which steps in the inspection process require special attention and how should the process be organized?

Goods receiving is the first activity in a goods receiving department, whereby the ordered goods are checked after delivery in accordance with the order and the delivery bill and then passed on to the incoming goods inspection department.

Goods receipt procedure as a checklist in individual steps

  1. The supplier delivers the goods to the recipient.
  2. The employee in the goods receiving department checks the recipient's address on the delivery bill or consignment note.
  3. The delivery is then assigned to the appropriate order and notification is sent.
  4. Next, the goods are unloaded and the first visual inspection and check for defects or damage is carried out.
  5. Counting the packages or products and comparing the quantities with the delivery bill.
  6. Finally, if everything is correct, the goods receipt is confirmed in writing and the delivery is passed on to the incoming goods inspection department.

How precise is the control in the incoming goods department?

When goods are received in an incoming goods department, only the delivery bill is checked, compared with the order, and the quantity and condition of the packaging are checked. The quality of the goods themselves is only checked in a further step of the incoming goods inspection.

The individual steps of the complete acceptance, incoming goods inspection and storage in a warehouse are slightly different in every company and depend on the respective operation.

In most cases, goods acceptance is carried out using mobile devices with barcode scanners, whereby acceptance is automated for very large volumes.

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