Configuration of a Pick-to-Light system

Configuration of the Pick-to-Light system is very simple and clear. Each compartment display is assigned a logical address. The storage compartments are addressed by the warehouse management system via this designation.

Preparing the configuration after initial commissioning

For large systems with many storage compartments, manual configuration of the Pick-to-Light system is not optimal. The initial configuration of the Pick-to-Light system is done via configuration lists, which are read in a special mode of the software. (Learn more about commissioning a Pick-to-Light system).
The configuration lists are simple CSV files (Excel) with the following columns:

  • Zone designation
  • Storage bin designation

So in this configuration list, the relationship between the zone designation and the unique storage bin is already settled. The order of the list should represent the order of the storage bins in the shelves. E.g. from top left to bottom right or column by column; from left to right and top to bottom.

In the configuration list, the storage bin designations must be coordinated with the warehouse management system and must be unique. The choice of formats is free. A logical address may be max. 16 characters long. Read also about system structure and addressing.

To guarantee the uniqueness of the configuration, the logical designations often include the zone designations, e.g.

Table: Configuration file for teaching-in a Pick-to-Light system

In practice, the letters Z (zone), G (alley), S (side) and the hyphens are often omitted (i.e. the short version: 0101LA01) to keep the configuration as short as possible.

Expert tip: For large installations, create multiple configuration files for individual zones or areas. This improves control and division of the configuration steps and minimizes errors.

Activation of the configuration mode

A configuration mode is activated via the user interface and the prepared list is read in (e.g. for a zone). All connected Pick-to-Light compartment displays light up especially (white LED).

Automatic assignment of the configuration with the keystroke

Now the white lighted compartment displays are assigned to the logical addresses (storage compartment designations) by pressing the acknowledgement key. Here, the exact sequence with the prepared configuration list must be observed. If the displays are correctly assigned, the LED lights up green.

In case of an error, the assignment must start from the beginning. For this reason, it makes sense to limit the lists to a maximum of 100-150 storage bins in order to minimize the effort of repetition.

When all storage compartments are configured, the configuration is saved at the screen mask. From now on, the logical address can be used.

Manual configuration

For small systems or minor changes to the configuration, each individual Pick-to-Light address can be changed manually via the screen mask. For this purpose, the old logical address or the physical address is selected and assigned to the desired address.


The configuration of a Pick-to-Light system is simple and can be done manually or automated for larger systems. For this purpose, the corresponding configuration lists are prepared and read in CSV format.

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