Software for goods replenishment with put-to-light

Not only picking, assembly and production are supported with the Pick-to-Light software. The reverse procedure with the put-to-light software can also support the replenishment of goods very successfully.

Replenishment of goods in a picking warehouse and the software

Each time goods are removed from a picking warehouse, the stock is changed and the removal is reported to the warehouse management system. When the minimum stock level in a storage compartment is reached, the goods must be replenished. This process is called replenishment.

Storage space here can be a shelf with shelves, a channel in a flow channel or a pallet. There are certainly other types of storage locations, but they do not play a role here for the time being.

The importance of a correct supply of goods

Order picking is a chain of different activities. Each step of the chain must be as precise and error-free as possible. Under the term "picking" we often only have the removal and the picker in mind. He is often also called a picker.

Without the precise and error-free supply of goods, however, picking cannot function correctly. For this reason, its quality is just as important as the picking itself. Of course, the performance of the picking side depends heavily on the performance and timing of the replenishment.

Software for system-side support

Almost no one works here today with a slip of paper and a biro. Technically, there are various methods to support the filling of the shelves. One of the most common solutions is a hand scanner terminal, which is used to store the goods. The article number is scanned, the storage compartment is searched for and the barcode on the storage compartment is scanned as confirmation.

The other option is to support the replenishment of goods with a put-to-light system.

Put-to-light software as optimal support for the replenishment of goods

The put-to-light compartment displays are particularly suitable for use on flow racks. In this case, compartment displays with simple LEDs and buttons, without quantity displays, are installed on the backs.

PTF-L-6 - Pick-to-Light Module without display. LED and button only.

When the employee scans the replenishment item, the software activates the appropriate LED.

The placement of the item in the storage compartment is confirmed at the acknowledgement button and immediately reported to the warehouse management system via the software. Optionally, the put-to-light compartment display can also be additionally equipped with a sensor. The sensor confirms the activity automatically.


The goods replenishment with put-to-light and the appropriate software make it easier for the employee to search for storage compartments and simplifies the acknowledgement of the storage. The annoying hand scanner no longer has to be carried constantly.

Advantages: The main advantages of the put-to-light solution, include the great precision and quality of the activities, high performance and direct stock correction through immediate feedback of the filing. Disadvantages: The major disadvantage is the price. For the equipment with the put-to-light technology you have to calculate with approx. 100,- € / storage compartment for the hardware costs. If you have a lot of storage compartments, the solution is not very profitable.

You can find out even more about another use of put-to-light in sorting in a separate article.

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