Conversion and extensions of a Pick-to-Light system

Pick-to-Light-expand or convert your system?
No problem. We will explain to you exactly how to do this and what you need to pay attention to.

Conversion of a Pick-to-Light system

Conversion of a Pick-to-Light system must be as simple as possible and uncomplicated. Just like the picking process. New requirements, new concepts and optimizations demand great flexibility from a Pick-to-Light system. For our system: No problem.

The basic idea of the Pick-to-Light solution is to be as flexible as possible. This is the only way to create different customer-specific solutions.

Restructuring of the wiring

One of the most important aspects of flexibility is the freedom of cabling of the Pick-to-Light system. Earlier solutions have always assumed a rigid structure of wiring. Shift registers with terminating resistors were built, which could only be implemented as one strand.

Our cabling is not dependent on the topology and can be implemented as a BUS or star-shaped. Mixed operation is of course also possible here. You can learn more about the cabling and accessories in a separate article.

So in the flexible technology used, the adaptation of the cabling can be adapted very easily by extending it as an extension or as a parallel extension.

The only aspect that must necessarily be respected is the maximum power of the controllers and, in the case of long lines, the total capacity that must be calculated in the case.

Extension with new controllers

If the performance and capacity of the existing controllers is not sufficient, new controllers must be installed. Here, only the electrical parameters are decisive. The controllers have no logical tasks in the system and are only used for communication with the Pick-to-Light displays and the control computer.

For an extension of the controller only 230V and network connection are required. In some layouts, the controllers can form their own network among themselves, so that no additional network sockets are required. This, of course, saves the cost of conversion or expansion.

Software customization

Depending on the scope of the conversion, the software of the Pick-to-Light system may also have to be adapted. Our software can be configured very extensively. If the processes remain identical, nothing new needs to be developed in the software. In this case, it is only necessary to adapt the configuration.

Extensions of the Pick-to-Light system

The extension of the Pick-to-Light system is subject to the same rules as the conversion. It is therefore very easy to carry out. The largest systems that have been created in recent years contain up to 70,000 Pick-to-Light displays. The system has still not reached its limits and can be further expanded if necessary.


Conversion or expansion of our Pick-to-Light system can be done relatively easily. The new Pick-to-Light displays are connected to the existing or new controllers and configured in the system. If necessary, the software is adapted. Until today the system limits have not been reached. We have enough reserves to build even bigger systems.

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